2016 Choir

The Broadway Singers, established in the year 2000 is a choir made up of 40 men and women from all walks of life who share one thing in common……..a love of singing Broadway tunes. Some choir members approached London Musical Theatre (now Musical Theatre Productions) to provide a startup loan to give these people that opportunity. In 2007, The Broadway Singers branched out on its own and continues to offer London and area a different choice of choir.

Each year our audience has continued to grow, as has our choir which is now famous for its musicality, precision and entertainment beyond compare.

In 2013 we welcomed Marque Smith and Rod Culham as our new artistic directors.  Rod retired from conducting at the end of our 18th season.

We are pleased that Paul Grambo has taken up the conductors baton and is leading the choir starting in our 19th season.  He brings a depth and breadth to the musicality and the chorale experience beyond compare.

Our Vision
The Broadway Singers are a London and surrounding area community-based performance choral group that loves to sing Broadway music. We strive to be known as the most entertaining group in London.

Our Mission
The Broadway Singers will offer Community Outreach to other charities or organizations, preferably in November of each season. Each year, starting in September and finishing at the end of May the following year, The Broadway Singers season will consist of a minimum of three (3) full concerts; 1) a concert in collaboration with St. Jude’s Anglican Church for the end of January, 2) concerts at the end of May currently held at Wolf Performance Hall, London Central Library, and 3) a concert that is offered to any organization for a flat fee.


We have decided that we are not ready to start rehearsals in January. However, we are cautiously optimistic that things will continue to move forward, and we are exploring all our options during this time of limbo and uncertainty. One of the guiding principles behind our discussions will always be to capture the same spirit and sense of enjoyment that we’ve always shared as a group.

If you let us know you are interested in joining us when we start again (soon we hope), we will advise you when we are able to get back in action again..

Just fill the contact form and we will be in touch.

Upcoming Events

There are no events scheduled.