Great concert as usual. Really enjoyed it.

Barry T    June 10, 2017  

Thanks for a delightful evening last night!!! WOW!!! The Broadway Singers are a powerhouse of talent, partnered with hard work. So much music to rehearse and present. It's not simple harmony, nor time, not just a few words!!!

And of course Denise Pelley brings me to my knees every time I here her sing.

Helen    May 1, 2016  

Thanks for the wonderful concert you put on at Riverside UC. The music was terrific and certainly had the audience tapping their toes and signing right along. It was easy to tell that the choir members love what they do.

Susan - event coordinator at Riverside UC    April 1, 2016  

We loved the concert. Congrats to all of you.

Christel Mack    January 1, 2016  

You can tell the choir enjoys singing. It is full of joy. It was a wonderful event. Thank you.

Linda Platt    January 1, 2016  

I am so honoured to be a part of Broadway Singers! What a fun concert! I can't wait to start rehearsals on Wed. Rod and Marque make Wed. nights a treat and something to look forward to!

Phil Hallman    January 1, 2016  

Another great show! Can't wait for next year's.

Dave Cornelius    January 1, 2016  

We had so much fun watching you and singing along! Always love you guys!!

Bonnie B.    May 23, 2015  

Such a great show!

Debbie Jeffries    May 23, 2015  

Enjoyed the concert. Good job ALL!

Lisa Philpott    January 1, 2015  

An excellent group. Well worth following. Next time Wolf Performance Hall. I'll be there.

Roland Lafond    January 1, 2015  

What an elegant group.

Liz Williams    January 1, 2015  

Fantastic evening!

Marilyn Papple    January 1, 2015  

Let us know when the next concert is going to be. I was brought up in choirs so this is like memory lane for me. Great photo!

Dianne Lesperance    January 1, 2015  

It was a great evening. The music was lovely.

Carol Nolan    January 1, 2015  

Amazing showing guys and girls. Keep up the good work.

Bryan McDonald    January 1, 2015  

You are an exceptional group and I really enjoyed your performance.

Rahima Akhi    May 1, 2014  

The fun that the choir was having spilled over to the audience.

M. Somerton    May 1, 2014  

Great energy, wonderful sound, fantastic story-telling.

C. Pickering    May 1, 2014  

An evening of fun, musical story-telling and just great entertainment.

A. Fidler    May 1, 2014  

I've been coming to your shows for years and that was the most fun I've ever seen you have.

J. Duddy    May 1, 2014  

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