Just bought my tickets and they will be Xmas gifts this year. Excited to hear the Broadway Singers once again.

Fred S    December 20, 2019  

The Church of St. Judes would sincerely like to thank the Broadway Singers for the generous donation to their program. With the support of the Broadway Singers, St. Judes is able to support groups and organizations from children's soccor program, My Sister's Place, the Men's Mission, new refugee programs to international causes with a mandate to support London programs as a priority. Your donation goes a long way to help those in need in our community.

Church of St. Jude    May 30, 2019  

It was one of your best. Loved, loved, loved the concert.
I would like the male chorus to sing a couple more songs and the women’s chorus to do a few more too.

Melissa    May 13, 2019  

OMG! Loved every minute of your concert. Looking forward to many more wonderful concerts by a fantastic choir. You all like to sing!!!

Ann W    May 13, 2019  

We have been coming for years and this was the best concert ever. Looking forward to next year.

Jon and Jane P    May 12, 2019  

A great night of song and fun for Mother's Day! Thanks. We look forward to your 20th Anniversary.

Gerry and Todd    May 12, 2019  

Very talented choir, accomplished band. Great bantering between the conductor and the emcee added many humourous moments.
A very special Mother's Day and we are looking forward to attending future shows.

Laura and Danny O.    May 11, 2019  

One of the Broadway Singers best shows! The choir was joyful, happy and relaxed. The choir showed that they thoroughly love singing. Well done.

John S    May 11, 2019  

Great concert as usual. Really enjoyed it.

Barry T    June 10, 2017  

We had so much fun watching you and singing along! Always love you guys!!

Bonnie B.    May 23, 2015  

Such a great show!

Debbie Jeffries    May 23, 2015  

What an elegant group.

Liz Williams    January 1, 2015  

Fantastic evening!

Marilyn Papple    January 1, 2015  

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